8 things to know before you get a curly cut

Whether you’ve decided to cut off all your damaged ends and go natural or you’ve just split from a long term boyfriend and fancy a new look, cutting your hair is a drastic change that requires amendments to your lifestyle and attitude. Here are eight important things to know before you go for the crop.

Your curl pattern will change

If you haven’t taken the time to get to know your hair texture, make sure you schedule in some bonding sessions before the big chop. Your curls will be tighter and more defined once you cut your hair, so if your curls are loose and wavy now, they are likely to appear more coily in a bob style. It’s important that you’re familiar with your curl pattern and shrinkage length when choosing a hairstyle.

You will see a lot more of your salon

Be prepared for your hair stylist to become your next best friend, as you’re likely to see him/her more often than certain family members once you go for the chop. Short hair may take less time to wash and style on a day-to-day basis, but it requires more frequent visits to the salon. You will need to schedule in a trim every 4 weeks at the least if you want your cut to keep its shape. Are you financially ready for the commitment?

Not all stylists understand curly hair

We’ve already established you’ll be seeing your stylist a lot more once you go short, now make sure he/she is experienced with dealing with curly hair! Curly hair is a tricky business. It dries out quicker than straight tresses and is more prone to frizzing. A good stylist is one that is specifically trained in cutting and shaping curls.

There are no quick fixes on a bad hair day

You can kiss goodbye to that easy ponytail or high bun that you always turn to on bad hair days! It’s harder to hide unruly hair when its cropped so you’ll have to find new ways to style your hair when it decides to be uncooperative.

Not everyone will like it

There are all types of negative attitudes towards short hair… be prepared to hear them! Hopefully you have positive people around you that will embrace and celebrate your change, if not, be ready to brush off comments about your crop making you less ‘feminine’, ‘womanly’ or attractive. Rocking a short hair cut is a statement. It says you’re confident enough to embrace your beauty in its entirety and you don’t have to hide behind hair. If you don’t have the filtering capacity for ignorant views, a short cut may not be for you.

Your styling tools will change

Be prepared to invest in a new set of styling tools once you become a short-haired curly. Your  jumbo rollers, large sized paddle brush or standard  straighteners will no longer be appropriate for your new length. More magazine has some great advice on styling tools for shorter hair.

Your facial features will pop

The beautiful thing about a short crop is that it shows off your facial features Your eyes will look bigger, your lashes more prominent and your bone structure more noticeable. This is the perfect time to experiment with bright make-up or eyelash extensions which are often drowned out by long hair.

It will take some getting used to

If you’re used to having long, flowing locks, a short hair cut will take a little getting used to. No matter how ready you feel for the chop now, you’re still likely to have a moment of anxiety at some point. Give it some time. You will become much more comfortable with your crop once you’ve lived with it and had a go at styling it for yourself. If you’re still unsure, remember that it’s just hair and it will grow back!


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Written by Melinda Neunie


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