Top Tips on choosing a new hair salon

Whether you’ve moved into a new area, your regular hair stylist has gone off on maternity, or you are just feeling generally dissatisfied with your hair of late, there are several reasons why you may be on the search for a good salon. Having experienced several stylists over the years, I know the rewards of […]

Going Natural? What Can You Expect?

For many, making the transition to natural hair isn’t easy; For me, embracing your natural hair is a physical and emotional liberating journey. Here are some of our tips on what you can expect especially if it is new to you.   It takes some getting used to If you’ve spent years blow drying or chemically straightening […]

Incorporating Oils into your hair care routine

Oils: They’ve never been the enemy Guess what is though…using them without proper understanding of how to use them and why. Let’s be clear, it is already well known and researched that oils contribute to strengthening and protecting the hair hence why people have been using them in various ways for thousands of years. In […]

4 Big Haircare Mistakes & How to fix it

1. You focus on hairstyle and not hair health. Style to enhance its beauty! Wearing styles to express yourself and boost your confidence is my definition of ultimate fun! However, it should not (in any case) cause, excess damage, loss, burning, breakage, stress, bumps, irritation or pulling to your hair or scalp. Using gels, puddings, lotions […]

Myria’s Story: part 1/5

Name: Myria Position: Research + Product Development   At the beginning of July 2021, I found myself stepping foot into London for the first time in my life. Born and raised in Chicago, IL USA, I have always dreamed of coming to Europe but I never imagined that hair would be the reason my dreams […]

Looking After Afro Hair

No matter your hair type, some essential hair care tips apply to everyone. 1. Cleanse, 2. condition, and 3. protect. It is easy to remember, and absolutely essential, for looking after curls worth celebrating. But here at Curly By Nature, we are oh so aware that the world of curly hair can be unnecessarily confusing. […]

Looking After Wavy Hair

Let’s start with the important stuff. No matter your hair type, some essential hair care tips apply to everyone. Cleanse, condition, and protect. The holy grail for all of us natural curlies. But we get it, deciding where to go from there and what will and won’t work for your specific hair type, is not […]

Looking After Curly Hair

No matter your curl pattern, essential hair care tips apply to everyone. Cleanse, condition, and protect. But we’re thinking you might have found yourself here because identifying your curls personality (or multiple personalities!) is something that’s left you bamboozled. And finding a routine that you feel is worth sticking to, can often feel a little […]

HairStylist Gemma Humes: My Life As A Celebrity Hairstylist

Having been nominated twice for ‘Afro Stylist of the Year’, appeared as an afro hair specialist on Gok Wan’s ‘How To Look Good Naked’ and worked behind the scenes of both the Brit Awards and X Factor, celebrity hairstylist, Gemma Humes is a firm fixture in the afro hair world. Curly By Nature sat down […]

Understand your hair type!

Stuck in a rut of curly hair over info and no routine in place? We’ve been there, we get it and we want to help. Knowing your curly hair type can help you to identify the best routine, products and techniques to ensure you’re giving your locks the ultimate chance to shine. For stylists, it’s […]

What’s your hair care personality?

FIRST OF ALL – THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOUR HAIR TYPE! This is literally about what ‘hair care personality’ you have – meaning, are you the lazy natural, invested natural (although there are nuances and you could actually well be both!) but we will explain after you take this quiz!   Understanding what behaviours and […]

Looking After Coily Hair

Let’s get back to basics. No matter your hair type, hair care essentials apply to everyone. Cleanse, condition, and protect. Period! It is just easy to remember, and absolutely essential, for looking after curls worth celebrating. But we get it. The world of curly hair can be confusing and overwhelming. Your natural tresses may require […]

Looking after your locs

No matter if you’ve got locs, curls, waves or afro hair, there is a three-step essential hair care routine that applies to everyone. Cleanse, condition, and protect. But we know, a head full of locs will also benefit from specific care that considers its usual characteristics. Whether your natural hair strands grow curly, kinky, coily […]