Curly Of The Month: Cara from New York

Introducing Curly By Nature’s very first audience/ customer feature: Curly Girl –  33 year old school Dean, Cara Martin. Born in New York and now residing in Philadelphia, the naturalista describes “falling back in love” with her natural curls and becoming a hair inspiration to younger girls. Read her story.


Q: Describe your hair type

A: My hair is VERY thick and gets dry very quickly. I guess if I had to use the number scale, it would be somewhere around 4a (curly, oily afro). When straight, it is about 0 or 11 inches long.


Q:How long have you been natural?

A:This is my second go-round, but I have been natural for 2 and a half years. I started my transition in August of 2012. The first time I went natural, was from 16-17 years old.


Q;What inspired you to go natural?

A: My inspiration came from a few things. First, I like my natural curl pattern. My younger sister has been natural a lot longer than me and I always enjoyed “playing” in her hair. I was reminded that my hair would be very similar and it was then that I decided, “No more creamy crack!” Another inspiration was frustration. Every time I had new growth, I had to change the hairstyles that I wanted to do, because the two textures were hard to manage. I was often gelling my hair into a ponytail because I couldn’t keep my roots straight enough. Finally, I love the volume that my hair has when it is natural and I realized that natural hair is so much more versatile. If I ever decided that I want my hair straight (which has happened twice in this journey), I will get it blown out.


Q:Describe your daily haircare routine

A:It depends on the season and current hairstyle, but generally, I refresh my hair with some water and add an oil based cream to it before styling. At night time I try to remember to tie it up with a satin scarf, although sometimes I do forget. I wash once every 2 weeks (clarifying shampoo and co-wash/conditioner CLICK for recommended products). After a wash, I use a blend of Oil & Hair cream before I twist it up or let it air dry. (Visit our blog to find out what styles and inspiration you can learn)


Q:What have been the highs and lows of your natural hair journey?

A:The highs of my natural journey have included falling back in love with my God-given hair texture. I love my hair, with all its kinks and coils. Also, my hair is so much healthier than it has been in a very long time. Another high has been realizing that I am a bit of a hair model for some of the younger ladies in my life who have wanted straight hair and whose parents have not allowed them to chemically treat it. We rock our ‘fros together.

The lows of my journey have included growing through a phase with REALLY dry, brittle hair. I wasn’t giving my hair enough moisture. Also is the frustration when I feel like I can’t find a hairstyle that I want to do. When my hair was first starting to grow out, it wasn’t long enough to do any of the styles that I saw in pictures, so I only varied between 2 or 3 styles.



Q:What is your current favourite hairstyle?

A:Currently, my favorite hairstyle is the frohawk. I smooth the sides with hair crème and bobby pins, pull down a few curls in the front, and I am good to go.


Q:What is your go-to hairstyle when your curls aren’t cooperating?

A:When my curls aren’t cooperating, I usually pull it back into a large puff with a headband. I don’t put it into a ponytail, I use bobby pins instead around the area that I want pulled back, so that the puff remains full. Then I just pull my curls out, fluffing and patting my hair until it has a rounded shape.


Q:What are your top tips for any women thinking of transitioning to curly hair?

Q:It will get frustrating sometimes – more than you think. When that happens, give your hair a break: braids, flat twists, another protective style, until you’re “ready” to deal with your hair again

Water is important. Drink it! Find what works for you in terms of hair care regimen. There are plenty of guides and rules, but figure out what works for you… Don’t try to imitate someone else. If you would like personalised advice book an appointment here!


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