Going Natural? What Can You Expect?

For many, making the transition to natural hair isn’t easy; For me, embracing your natural hair is a physical and emotional liberating journey. Here are some of our tips on what you can expect especially if it is new to you.


It takes some getting used to

If you’ve spent years blow drying or chemically straightening your hair, curly tresses can take a little getting used to. Not only does coily hair often have to be styled differently from straight hair, but it requires a new set of products, techniques and tools to maintain its health. The process of getting to know your hair again can be slow, but it is worthwhile in the end. You’re likely to come out with a renewed sense of self and a striking new look to match.


Your choice of hairstyles will have to be selective at first

If you’ve made the decision to grow out your natural hair after chemical straightening, be prepared for the awkward period of dual-textured hair. Not only is your mane more prone to breakage at this stage, you’ll need to be selective in what styles you adopt that protect and blend your two textures effectively without the temptation of using heat. Hang in there, it will all be worth it in a couple of years when you have gorgeous, healthy curls. Search our blog archive and  key terms on Youtube for style inspiration.


You may not feel like yourself at first

The first day I decided I was going to go out with my hair completely natural, I took a final look in the mirror and bottled out! After years of rocking a bone-straight mane, I just didn’t feel like myself with curly hair. It wasn’t until speaking to other natural Curlies that I realised this was a completely normal reaction. The trick is to bite the bullet and just do it. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you become comfortable with your new look.


You will have to spend time getting to know your hair

No matter how many natural hair guides you read, or how much advice you take, nothing can prepare you more than PRACTICE. Everyone’s hair is different – so the products and tools that work for one blogger may prove ineffective with your own hair. There’s no amount of information that can replace spending quality time getting to know your own hair. It’s through trial and error that you’ll finally discover the routine that works best for you! If you’d like professional advice please contact our Founder & Natural Specialist for a consultation.


Not everyone will like it

Perhaps the most important advice that I can give to new Curlies is to prepare for your confidence to be tested. Not everyone will like your new curly mane, and inconsiderate peers can make the transition to curly hair particularly challenging. Your confidence and sense of self will be tested and it’s up to you to buckle under the pressure of society or stand tall and wear your new look with pride. You’ll be surprised how quickly ignorant perceptions change to respect.


It will be one of the most rewarding journeys you’ve ever made

Despite the struggles you may face, making the transition to natural hair is likely to be one of the most rewarding journeys you will make. Not only did I feel a sense of pride at finally embracing the ‘true me’ after years of weaving, straightening and chemically processing; but I was surprised at how beautiful my natural curls actually were when I left them alone and let them grow.


Read our blog for tips on styling your natural curls.

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