New series “HEAD CASES” host Felicia Leatherwood on curls & being a natural girl

Ever wondered what stress does to your roots? Or what effect too much salt has on hair growth?.. Celebrity stylist and natural hair mentor Felicia Leatherwood (who has spoken fondly about the Curly By Nature range), explores the effects of our lifestyle and mental well being on our hair in her new series ‘Head Cases’ TV show. I caught up with her to talk curls and being a natural girl.



Felicia Leatherwood pictured with the Curly By Nature Healthy Hair Care Set

In a world of chemical relaxers and hair straighteners, what gave you a passion for natural hair styling and teaching?

It’s really simple – I’ve never liked the smell of chemical relaxers or straighteners, so I stepped towards natural hair. I thought it was more creative.


It’s hard to ignore the recent natural hair revolution. What do you think sparked it?

I saw a lot of women starting forums and blogs about losing their hair to weaves and chemical relaxers, which started conversations. There were girls who had been on YouTube for a long time experimenting with their natural curls, and other women started seeking them out and googling alternative ways to wear their hair. That’s what made the movement get bigger … you had a community of women speaking the same language .


What effect do you think ‘Being Natural’ and ‘Big Chop’ has on the mind and soul?

A lot of time the way we look is directly connected to how we feel about ourselves and our self worth. Women of colour, including myself, have had a lot of issues with recognizing our self worth because we don’t have images that reflect our natural beauty. When you go natural and you see yourself like this for the first time, something that has has been unacceptable for so long; and your hair has been hidden since a child – it can be a lot to handle. A lot of women that go on the journey have a difficult time. Some of them will fall off, but it’s really not always just about the hair. It’s truly emotional.


Why do you think Europe has become one of your biggest teaching markets?

Here in the United States we are overly saturated with readily available information. You guys on the other hand have had to figure out how to get the products and styling tools that we use. I’ve noticed that when I go to Europe, the information is received so well. The women look for it. They’re eager to come out,  learn and take it seriously. Here in America we have all the information, but we don’t take advantage of that. We’re comfortable in our ways. When I travel to Europe and African, the women want to do whatever is going on here that looks positive and good for them. I’m glad it’s natural hair.


I already know “Head Cases” is going to be my new reality TV obsession. Tell me more about the show.

It’s like a Iyanla Vanzant for natural hair. A lot of women have issues with their hair and a lot of that is related to their emotions. I go to them and find out what they’re using, what’s in their cupboards, how they live and what’s happening with them on the inside, so we can approach the outside in a healthy, balanced way.


You can find the Head Cases Episode on Issa Rae’s channel WATCH here:

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