How To Style Box Braids

We’re loving the return of Nineties box braids! Made famous by Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice, this classic protective style has made a full blown comeback during the recent natural hair revolution. With many black women making the decision to ditch the chemicals and embrace their natural curls, box braids have become a stylish and popular way to keep the hair moisturised, tucked away and protected from damage. Here’s how to style box braids.


The Jumbo Bun

13 Dec_Big Bun

Use extra stretchy hair bands to sweep your braids into a jumbo bun on the top of your head. This is the perfect easy-going style for days out in the city.


Extra Long

13 Dec_Long Braids

If you’d really like to make a style statement, get your braids in an extra long length. These waist length plaits are guaranteed to turn heads.



13 Dec_Dyed Braids

Box braids give you the perfect opportunity to experiment with color without having to dye your own hair. Why not go for that  platinum blonde hue that you’ve never been brave enough to try!



13 Dec_Head wrap braids

If you have a quirkier style, use a patterned head scarf  to give your braids a bohemian touch. You can either tie the scarf in a knot on the top of your head, or fold it into a rectangle and wrap it around your forehead like a band.


The High Ponytail

13 Dec_ High ponytail

The Nineties style high ponytail is a fun and flirty way to wear your box braids. Use a hair band or tie a few braids around your pony to create this look.

Sweeping Fringe

13 Dec_ Sweeping fringe

Twist the front section of your hair, then pin it into a sweeping fringe to transform your braids into an elegant evening style.



13 Dec_Side Shave Braids

Take an edgy approach to box braids by shaving the back and sides of your hair for a mohikan effect.


By Melinda Neunie

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