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We’re not just about selling products. We are passionate about our community and a huge part of what we do is passing on our extensive know-how in easy-to-follow education so you can look after curls. In a way that works for you. In addition to having access to real experts in person and online, we offer courses, quizzes and an informative blog to learn from- which will you choose?

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Yes, our products ARE awesome BUT guess what, 'just products' are not everything technique is KEY too: Let us show and tell you the truth!

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Curl Care Course 101

* is 100% self paced and virtual.
* Enjoy a library of 'how to' and 'step by step' videos
* Quiz's, Downloadables and Cheatsheets


INCLUDES our Curl Care Course 101
* THE TRUTH Bundle [Essentials kit x6 full size products]
* x5 LIVE virtual sessions with expert
* Community of like-minded curl bosses
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* SWAG Bag + more!

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