Looking After Wavy Hair

Let’s start with the important stuff. No matter your hair type, some essential hair care tips apply to everyone. Cleanse, condition, and protect. The holy grail for all of us natural curlies. But we get it, deciding where to go from there and what will and won’t work for your specific hair type, is not always a breeze and for some, it can be a little daunting. Your natural tresses may require a little more TLC than most, but if you learn the fundamentals of your hair type and its behaviour, we can help you build a healthy routine allowing you to celebrate your luscious locks in record time and with zero fuss!. 

Now let’s get down to the informative bit. Hair sits in a spectrum of varying types, including thickness, porosity, elasticity, density, curl pattern and more. And each combination has its own set of characteristics, which is extremely useful to understand, especially for hairstylists. For the WAVY hair crew, there are three subcategories (stick with us, it’s simpler than it sounds…).

  • Fine (strand thickness), carries a very light S-shaped wave. This hair type can appear thick overall to the untrained eye if the hair is very dense, therefore very often when it is not cared for properly, it can quickly feel like it is not ‘behaving’ when really it just needs a different kind of care.
  • Medium (strand thickness) carries a more defined S shape. Waves, like every other category, can vary in density, elasticity and be either well defined or frizzy – the important thing to note at this point is the thickness of your hair strands and it’s preference for lighter or heavier products. 
  • Thick (strand thickness) wavy hair when at its healthiest, has a very defined S shape which tends to clump together to achieve a uniform wavy look.


What’s Wavy hair’s personality?.. we hear you ask…

  • Tends to appear straight when your hair is wet
  • Lies flat against the scalp due to it being easily weighed down
  • Between washes, it can easily be manipulated to enlarge and accentuate the pattern of your curls, but any styling may not hold for long if not done correctly.


And how should you be treating those waves?

  • If you are looking to maximise the wave, USE a styling product when your hair is wet – our entire range
  • Scrunch your curls in an upward motion towards your scalp to help protect and define your curl and avoid the frizzy look, we all dread.
  • It’s essential the above techniques are combined with products specifically designed for your hair with the best quality ingredients. Using too much product will lead to your hair becoming heavy and losing its shape. Using the wrong product will cause flakes to sit and drip from your curls – and nobody’s got time for that!


Getting the best for your WAVY hair

If you’re still unsure if your hair is WAVY, curly, coily or undefined, why not take our quiz and find out your specific hair type and how to implement a personalised, quality care routine to take back control? Alternative you may jump ahead and see a curl specialist ASAP now.


BUT if you’ve got your healthy hair regime on lock, take a look at our award-winning products specifically designed and formulated with the curly girl in mind.


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