The Curly Care Series: Loose Waves

Top 10 Daily Tips on Maximising Your Loose Waves

If you’re blessed with naturally wavy hair, I hope you know just how lucky you are! From Shakira to Sarah Jessica Parker, most of us can name a wavy haired gal whose mane we admire! However, loose waves are a lot more fun to wear then they are to maintain, and getting them to look gorgeous on a daily basis takes dedication! Leave your locks under-moisturised and you can expect a ball of unmanageable frizz, or use too much product and your waves are guaranteed to fall flat. The trick to achieving lustrous, moisture-rich waves is to use natural methods to nourish and enhance them. Here’s our top ten daily tips on  maximising the potential of your curls.


  • Step away from the shampoo A common misconception is that hair needs to be washed every day. As curly hair is naturally drier than straight tresses, you want to avoid stripping it of its natural oils. Washing four times a week is more than enough, and when you do wash it’s important to use a non-sulphate shampoo! Our coconut and sugar based Moisture Shampoo is formulated with 100% natural ingredients that are designed to hydrate dry, curly hair.


  • Go for cold As unpleasant as it may sound, rinsing your hair with cold water is an excellent way to achieve softer, shiner curls. Cold water naturally closes the hair cuticles, locking in moisture and reducing frizz.


  • Use Curly By Nature Please excuse the cheeky heading, I couldn’t help myself, though the premise is still true! It’s important to remember that curly hair is built differently from straight hair and so benefits from products that are specifically designed to hydrate and prevent frizzing. Our range of natural treatments have been especially tailored to nourish and revive curly hair.


  • Air dry Yes, it may be more time-consuming, but air drying wet hair significantly reduces frizz. Blow dryers have a tendency to suck all of the moisture out of your locks, leaving you with a lifeless, brittle mane. If you do need to a quick dry, use a diffuser to reduce the effects of the heat.


  • Use a curl enhancer Curling mousses and gel are great for defining your curls and creating those tousled beach waves that we all strive for. Apply a small amount to wet hair, making sure to distribute them evenly with a gentle scrunching technique. Warning, be sure not go overboard with these products otherwise you will end up with stiff, crunchy curls that are prone to breakage.


  • Get Handy Excessively brushing your dry hair is a big no no when it comes to maintaining luscious loose waves. Hard bristle brushes disturb your natural curl pattern and are a common cause of breaking and frizzing. Invest in a wide tooth comb for grooming, or even better use your fingers to gently detangle. You can enhance the curls yourself by wrapping strands of hair around your finger.


  • Braid/twist your hair at night It’s worth putting a little effort into a good nighttime routine to reduce the grooming time in the morning. Braiding or twisting your hair into bantu knots will lock in the moisture and rejuvenate your curl pattern while you sleep. Simply loosen the twists in the morning and marvel at shiner, bouncier locks. Our guide on corkscrew curls gives good advice on how to create bantu knots.


  • Sleep like a queen Wrapping your hair in a silk scarf for bed is one of the most valuable tricks for promoting smooth and conditioned morning curls. Silk and satin are gentler than other fibers and they are excellent at retaining the moisture in your hair. Silk and satin fabrics also allow the hair to slide smoothly while you move in your sleep, reducing the amount of friction and consequent frizz.


  • Find a good stylist It may sound obvious, but finding a good stylist who is experienced in handling curly hair is important if you want those good waves. Curly hair has a different genetic make-up from straight tresses so your care routine can’t be the same! You need a stylist who understands how your curls will behave, especially if you’re going for a cut.


  • Embrace your loose waves girl! Loving and accepting your naturally curly hair is the  most important step to achieving those lustrous waves. It’s only when you put down the straighteners and take some time to get to know your natural kinks, will you unlock the secrets to maintaining them.


Written by Melinda Neunie

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