Myria’s Story Part 2/5
Though I have already given a brief introduction of myself [check out my 1st blog], I thought it would make the most sense to start off this blog series with a deep dive into my natural hair journey.

My Hair Story

Growing up I never really thought much about my hair, I am not even sure if I noticed a big difference between my friends’ hair and mine. I believe this is due to two reasons. One, my mom did my hair when I was younger, making me oblivious to the hardship that can come with natural hair. Two, all my friends growing up looked like me. They were mostly black and had kinky curly hair. Once I got into my teenage years these two aspects of my life changed. I was now in charge of my own hair and suddenly my friends started to look a lot less like me. I am not sure if this is why I decided to get a texturizer in my hair, but I feel as if this was a major turning point in my hair journey.
The rise of the natural hair movement came at the perfect time. I was fed up with the breakage in my hair and it always being too short for the hairstyles I wanted. By this point, I had stopped getting it texturized but all that did was make my hair harder to manage. There was so much breakage and I was tired of fighting for a good hair day. As I started to see others embrace their natural hair patterns and textures, I gained the courage to manage my own hair. For most of my life leading up to this point, other people mostly did my hair. I trusted countless stylists, never second-guessing anything they said.
This was the first point in time where I was doing my own hair and it was liberating, empowering, and a complete disaster! I had no idea what I was doing and there was no one I could go to to ask for help as my mom permed her hair for as long as I could remember. I watched youtube videos but failed to understand how I could get my hair to look like theirs. I had no idea what products to use or how to use the right products. I eventually caved and started to go back to the hairdresser again, though I was more conscious of what they were doing and telling me.
After a couple of months of hopping from hairdresser to hairdresser, I realized something big. Few hairdressers knew how to work natural hair, meaning few know how to work with hair solely in its natural state. Everywhere I went they added heat, or braided it but if I wanted a wash in go (which at the time I was not aware was the name) they were clueless. I even showed pictures of the natural luscious curls I wanted and their response was to do a sew-in or weave. This gave me the resilience to try doing my own hair again.
This time I would not be deterred. I did the research and tried a copious amount of products and then eventually started making my own, and to my disbelief, my hair actually started to grow. I made mistakes and the process was not easy, but not only did I grow out my damage but I grew my hair to the longest length it’s ever been. So now that you know the story of my hair, next time I can explain how it related to my passion for chemistry….
Until next time, Myria

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