Simple Care 101: Achieve Beautiful Hair easily

Our philosophy when it comes to hair care at Curly By Nature is KISS= Keep it Super Simple…..why -because life is way too short for anything else and quite frankly incorporating hair care into everyday self care habits is soooo much more rewarding and effective.

Simple techniques  +  Trusted Support   +  Great Products

  1. Thorough Cleansing – Always start with a clean base to work with.
  2. Proper Conditioning – Ensure that your hair has been properly conditioned from soaking wet hair [We can walk you through the best way to ensure this is done properly].
  3. Simple Styling – If you choose to keep it simple by defining/ protecting your natural with a water based gel or even a elegant flattwisted style with a light oil based product we can show you how to get the most out of your style, products and maintain it up until your next wash time (we don’t do entire wash day’s around here – no time for that.)
  4. Great Hair does not happen by chance, it happens by appointment. Put it in your diary, commit to it and make it easier for yourself by preparing yourself beforehand so you have all the equipment, products, tools and visual aids/ inspo necessary to get the best use of the allocated time.

Yes – it is that simple but if you would like personalised information or you would like to speak with an expert click the links below:

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