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An inspirational and prominent woman in her own right, blogger Angel Dike from The Natural Lounge agreed to share her personal journey, tips and secrets about her hair. Angel shared with us some valuable information that you will most likely find useful so make yourself a herbal tea then sit back and enjoy the juicy read…..


Q: What inspired you to go natural back in 2010?

A: I wasn’t inspired I was forced haha.  A year before that I noticed a coin shaped bald patch on my hair and each time I relaxed my hair it kept growing. I was frightened and started to do a little bit of research when I realised that those chemicals were just not working for me.

This was when I decided to stop relaxing my hair. It was really a time of discovery for me, back then the natural scene was kicking off in America and it was so exciting, the styles, the events, the products, I couldn’t wait for it to hit us in the UK.


Q: What is your go-to hairstyle when you’re curls aren’t cooperating?

A: The bun, bun and the bun, I use it when the curls won’t do what I want them to do, I use it for work and I use it for when I am being lazy, it only takes me two minutes to do and I find it always gives me that smart polished look.


Q: What advice would you give to people thinking about transitioning to natural hair?

A: Understand that being natural is a journey and not a destination. Just like any journey will be disappointments – as your hair might not be how you imagined; Hurt – as not everyone will react positively;  Learning – as you will need to discover which products work for you and which do not. Finally there will be peace – as you eventually find a place where you are happy with your hair and are comfortable looking after it.


Q: What was the hardest thing about going natural for you?

A: I should have Big Chopped! Seriously I should have, I transitioned, which means I grew out my relaxer using braids and other stuff. When I took the braids out, suddenly having this whole head of hair to look after was hard work and daunting for me this was the hardest thing about going natural. I look at big choppers with envy I missed the liberation that the feel and the getting to know your hair slowly as it grew. Yup I should have took out some clippers and cut it all off.  


Q: Who is your curly hair inspiration (name a prominent figure)?

A: I really try (am not always successful) to create my own standards of beauty, so it was really hard to name a prominent figure that I feel inspired by. But when I look at a few I do admire Solange Knowles as like me she also sets and lives by her own standards.


Q: What is your favourite natural hairstyle?

A: On me? A two day old twist out tends to sit just perfectly and does what I want it to do. On others the frohawk is a favourite, they don’t really suit me though I always feel I look like some sort of pterodactyl :/


Q: What was the response like from your peers when you first embarked on your natural hair journey?

A: Interest, admiration and eventually imitation and I am so proud of the fact that at least 8 people I know are Natural because of me.


Q: What effect do you see the natural hair revolution having on the black global community?

A: We might see a generation of women who are happy with the way they look and spend less time trying to be someone else. With that growth in confidence who knows what they could do.  I also think that as people understand natural hair care this might translate to natural products for their whole bodies and better overall general health.


Q: What made you start the Natural Lounge and how is it different from other natural hair websites?

A: I started the Natural Lounge the day I took out my hair and went natural. It was one of the first UK blogs for UK readers on Natural hair.  I wanted to give them product reviews on things they could get locally, events they could go to locally. Now times have changed, there are 100’s of UK hair blogs I am not trying to be anything more than how I started. I still want to help people take care of their hair as even though we have a Natural Hair Revolution, we still have a long way to go.


Q: The summer is coming up, what tips do you have for managing your curls on holiday?

A: On holiday I always find that I don’t want to worry about my hair, I always go on holiday with two strand twists and then near to the end I twist them out to have a style that carries me through. I find that the sun is really drying on all hair so for myself I tend to use scarves and sunhats when I am out. Did you know that Shea Butter has a natural factor 5 sun protection?  I make sure my moisturiser has this in and when I get back I do a deep deep treatment.


Please visit The Natural Lounge to check out Angel’s Blog- Find out what she thinks about our range!

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  1. Lanelle H says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m ready for the journey and realize plenty of research is required. I may need to take another trip to England since your site and styles seem to suit me the best. Any reason to travel. I’ve started with a Mohawk in December 2015 with top still relaxe and didn’t like how challenging it was when it started growing out, so I relaxed the sides and hated myself for giving up. I just trimmed it down again and need to find the right products so it won’t look so dry. My hair is extremely thick and have had a perm since I was eight because even my mom had a time taming my hair. I’m thinking about shaving it all off while on vacation, but boy am I scared for many reasons. I want to go completely healthy and believe the chemicals are affecting my health. Any support and advice is greatly appreciated. I’m so glad I found you.

    1. Thank you for commenting!

      I’d like to start off by saying be encouraged! For many women, it does take a lot of courage to shave even a little bit of their hair. It sounds like you have certainly been blessed with gorgeously thick hair and could do with a bit of guidance on how to successfully manage it without the use of chemicals as you believe it is affecting your health. To better serve you, we shall send you an email personally to address your issues. You are already in the right place and anticipate that you will find your perfect solution in no time!

      I love travelling too! Like yourself I always find any and every excuse to travel so I don’t blame you! We work with some great salons here in Great Britain and would be happy to help.

      Speak to you soon!

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