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Our Story

Not new to this, just true to it...

Founded in 2012 by Klerissa McDonald, Curly By Nature embodies the next generation in curl care. We have big plans to empower curlies the world over with the knowledge, skills and products they deserve so that they can enjoy the glory of their beautiful, natural curls. 

Because let’s be honest, we’re tired of seeing damaging treatments, brands and products that don’t live up to their promises and people being down on their curls. And we know we’re not alone in that. There are other brands and businesses that sell curly hair products, but we’re not just about selling products. A huge part of what we do is:  


1. Supporting our community in a way that empowers.

2. Actually creating innovative hair care formulations using the best technologies inside of our own lab.

3. Passing on our extensive know-how in easy-to-follow education so you can look after curls in a way that works.


Why you ask….

because there are not enough brands that actually care, understand, represent or support the community

– I mean, really support: So we are stepping up to it.


Our mission is to empower curlies, coilies, kinkies, wavies and loc-lovers across the world to become their own curl care experts by equipping them with the right knowledge, effective products, and plenty of encouragement and support.

Our mission is to empower curlies, coilies, kinkies, wavies and loc-lovers across the world to become their own curl care experts by equipping them with the right knowledge, effective products, and plenty of encouragement and support.

holistic hair care = curl transformations

Our Founder

I'm Klerissa, an


of all things curly hair care.

My first inspiration and passion for hair care and craftsmanship came from my mother and grandmother who also had a natural love for caring for hair. By the time I was 8, I took full responsibility for styling my own hair and soon after I had cousins, aunts and friends of friends demanding my services for designer cornrow/ cane-row patterns, twists and intricate styles! I quickly became well known for natural hair care and styling.

By 14 years old, I landed my first job in a professional hair salon (London, UK). I recognised that I had a calling within the industry – I didn’t know that my creativity will spill over into STEM, cosmetic sciences and professional formulation but, it was then that I knew the salon space was another home for me – Literally! That is why I am so passionate about continuing the rich culture of us looking after each other’s curls together in a safe space.

Check out our founders’ thoughts on all things hair both on her personal blog 

Our Team

Practicing what we preach.....literally!

Serving the community is what we focus on and is what is at the heart of our family-run business! Well, we started out as a family run business but we are quickly growing to include everyone who is as passionate about changing the curly and afro hair narrative!

- Klerissa [Founder of Curly By Nature]


We are continually looking for people to join our family so if you want to work with us to contribute to the mission, send us your C.V. and a covering letter addressed to our Founder via


Director + educator


Product + Quality Control




Technology + media


Creative + design


web development

Our Healthy Hair Studio Lab

Years of ethical, authentic product research, development and testing

coupled with decades of hand’s-on practical experience has helped us to create a revolutionary system.

The Curly By Nature Studio lab is where we conduct experiments, discover and develop solutions for curlies, locs and kinks the world over.

Our Values


Always doing things to the best of our ability is embedded within our DNA. Excellent products, excellent education and excellent services, period.


We want to do things differently. We are on a mission to progress the state of curl and afro hair care using by fusing our cultural know how and scientific expertise into all of our offerings.


At the core of what we do and who we are is empowering people including our customers, our staff our suppliers and our community. To be themselves unapologetically at all times.

Our Commitments

Curl Summit...

Curl Summit is an experience and strategic conversation designed by our Founder Klerissa McDonald hosted by Margot Rodway- Brown (Owner of @NaturalHairandLocBar and The Adornment Group based in Brixton, London, UK) to bring different perspectives together, disrupt old ways of thinking and elevating the curly and afro hair care community. 

Curly By Nature supports Curl Summit as a vehicle

to drive excellence and empower the community

The Curl Summit was birthed in the midst of the first UK lockdown following the break out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Industry practitioners across the globe got together including Sharmadean Reid [The Stack World], Lulu Pierre [Boho Locs], Lorraine Dublin and Natasha John-Lewis [Celebrity Stylists and Co-owners of My Hair Bar in Central London], Dr Joanne Cornwell [The Sisterlocks Pioneer, based in LA, USA], Matt James [The Spring Salon in Birmingham], Akesha Reid [Journalist],  Shelley Line [Hair Care Shear], Kemi Lewis [KL Naturals Salon Chain in Nigeria] and the amazing Morris Roots [Morris Roots Salon Chain in UK] to share best practices, explore new revenue streams and discuss hair diversity. 

Supporting Hair Stylists...

The Amazing Celebrity Hair Stylist Lorraine Dublin [My Hair Bar] using our products BLESSED! + HIGHLY FAVOURED!

A soft spot for our curl carers

I understand first-hand the nuances, impact and importance that stylists have upon their clients  + communities. I also have experienced how lonely (especially when freelancing) and difficult it can become during our journeys so, I am personally committed to supporting, empowering and celebrating curl carers to accelerate their careers and achieve their dreams – We have so much in store! 

- Founder

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There’s a long history to looking after curls together, nurturing our hair and each other as we share the experience.
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