Curl Care 101

A life-changing journey to your ultimate healthy hair starts with renewing your mind with facts about the wonderful beauty you possess and forgetting all myths and bad practices that are holding you back from your destiny! Tap into your potential with 24/7 on-demand access to our library of training videos, cheatsheets, tool lists and guides in our portal.

We have you covered - you want (and deserve) easy hair care, don't have time to waste, want to save your coins and see progress like never before?.....THEN this is for you- get access to our portal filled with quick and fun digestible lessons, step by step guides and tutorials PLUS bonus styling tutorials (that actually help!)


0. 🦸🏽‍♀️ Super Power Hair Care Essentials

0.1 Hair is Hair

0.2 The Curl Factor

0.3 The Condition


1. 🗝 The ultimate KEY if you want real change!

1.1 When you don’t cleanse regularly...

1.2 The only way to actually ‘Moisturise’

1.3 Moisture vs Hydration


2. 👑Quality Products + Tools that will, save you money, time + give you LIFE!!!

2.1 The difference between quality vs trash: Key principles

2.2 How to choose the best products for YOU

2.3 When products + tools are doing Way Too Much


3. 🥇 Simple Techniques

3.1 Keeping it Super Simple- KISS acronym

3.1 A day in the life

3.3 Mind over matter


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