Curl Care: Boot Camp LIVE!

Get the best of both worlds with the ultimate package that INCLUDES:

1. CURL CARE COURSE: 24/7 on-demand access to our library of training videos, cheatsheets, tool lists and guides in our portal… AND

2. x5 LIVE virtual sessions with direct access to expert [benefit from group coaching, get instant answers to your questions, overcome your challenges with the personalised support you need and deserve with well seasoned, experienced professionals]

3. EXCLUSIVE award-winning products from our Nurture Collection [THE TRUTH Bundle: Essentials kit x6 full size products]

4. Community of like-minded curl bosses

5. SWAG Bag + more!

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So, you want easy hair care, don't have time to waste, want to save your coins and see progress like never before?.....Then get assistance from the pros and have access to our portal filled with quick and fun digestible lessons, step by step guides and tutorials PLUS bonus styling tutorials (that actually help!) Join other like-minded bosses in our 5 LIVE classes that will simplify and supercharge your haircare game with access to Award- Winning products and expert haircare specialists with decades worth of expertise, short-cuts and know how..... you will be in for a treat!

0. 🦸🏽‍♀️ Super Power Hair Care Essentials
0.1 Hair is Hair
0.2 The Curl Factor
0.3 The Condition

1. 🗝 The ultimate KEY if you want real change!
1.1 When you don’t cleanse regularly...
1.2 The only way to actually ‘Moisturise’
1.3 Moisture vs Hydration

2. 👑Quality Products + Tools that will, save you money, time + give you LIFE!!!
2.1 The difference between quality vs trash: Key principles
2.2 How to choose the best products for YOU
2.3 When products + tools are doing Way Too Much

3. 🥇 Simple Techniques
3.1 Keeping it Super Simple- KISS acronym
3.1 A day in the life
3.3 Mind over matter

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