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MISSED ME! is our hydration superstar! Its scalp-soothing, curl-loving ingredients infuse moisture into your hair whether you rock loose curls or a protective style. The result? A calm scalp, a happy microbiome and glorious-looking hair! MISSED ME! combats flakes, dryness and breakage, bringing balance to your scalp and fighting hard for fresh-looking styles. Use it after cleansing to lock in moisture, or get in early and use it as a prep for styling. It’s also perfect for refreshing loose curls, especially if you only cleanse once a week.

MISSED ME! is awesome at:
-hydrating your hair!
-locking in moisture
-prepping your hair for styling
-refreshing your hair and reviving your curls between washes
-calming itchy, grumpy scalps

Powered by plants, including aloe vera, cannabis hemp, moringa oil, hyaluronic acid, fresh water algae and rose water, for healthy, happy hair.

We think that fusing products with excellent education is the key to the next generation of curl care, you’ll also get an in-depth guide that looks at the key ingredients (and why they’re there), how to get the ultimate in hair hydration with MISSED ME!, and our top pro tips. With the right products, expert tips and encouragement, we’ll help you be your a curl care expert!

Additional information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 16 × 7 × 7 cm

300ml, 100ml


Our packaging is made from recycled PET plastic, which is fully recyclable after you’ve finished with it, too. That means our products aren’t just kind to your hair, your skin and your scalp, but to the planet, too.

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  1. stewart.bf

    LOVE this product. Such a lovely light mist packed full of great ingredients. Particularly love using it on my scalp when my hair is in braids!

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