Healthy hair care is a holistic experience, we know!

We support you in building your healthy hair rituals to transform and celebrate your hair. We formulate and make our own amazing hair care products, teach curl care practices and offer hair care services. The question is, what do you want to experience first?
Explore our offerings then let us know.

The Nurture Collection

Ready to have unlimited awesome hair days?

Our nurture collection supports your healthy hair care journey with products to help cleanse, hydrate, nourish, condition, protect, style and treat your curls,  kinks and locs.

Hair Care Tools + Accessories

Coming your way very soon!

We are developing tools to make it even easier and safer to care for your precious crown – let us know if you want to be the first to know what we will be releasing first.

Curl Care Courses

Hair Care Education made simple!

We have inspirational fun content for everyone wanting to celebrate curl/ afros! Pro’s can upskill and take their professional and creative performance to the next level too.

Curl Expert Services

Personalisation at its finest!

Find the best creatives in the community and make your curls happy!


Get award-winning, high performing plant-based products.


Get personalised
advice from real
curl experts.


Level up
your curl and afro
hair care skills.


Find a trusted
professional curl carer in a
relaxing safe space.

"Curly By Nature always provides an authentic luxurious experience, giving me exactly what I need, every time, yaaaaaassssss!"

- @4cchronicles

A hair care experience like no other!

Holistic care is what we are all about. We understand the essential building blocks of healthy hair. Simply put, it is good techniques/ practices and quality products, mixed with dedicated quality self-care time (and just to be clear, we are talking in minutes, not days!)

Now, we really get into all the ‘good techniques/ practices’ within our education products and services but you will also find some golden nuggets in our blog. The quality products you certainly need to experience, are available in our shop.



The Healthy Hair Lab

Practicing what we preach!

The Curly By Nature Studio lab is where we conduct experiments, discover and develop solutions for curlies, locs and kinks the world over.