Your own simplified Hair Care Regimen that works!

*This post if for those who find it difficult to manage their curls, locs, relaxed or coloured hair*

As an experienced and practising hair care specialist I am constantly asked …… “I want to create a simple hair regimen/ routine, but where do I start?”,……. “I want to get comfortable with my natural hair, I need help!”…….and……”I struggle to find natural styles that suit my hair – what can with it – that is quick and easy?”, and “what are the best products for my hair?”. After an in depth consultation, the answers usually lead back to a combination of

*education, through experimentation and preparation

*practicing foundation of haircare

In summary, keeping it simple and stress­free is the ultimate secret and in my experience, a healthy hair care regimen does not necessarily have to be a strict set program that needs to be adhered to 100%. Instead it is often more effective when it’s flexible and can work around your personal lifestyle to suit your specific needs. The focus is always on hair health (regular cleansing/ conditioning) and protection opposed to focussing on style. We love to make the style work to protect the hair and minimise maipulation and maintenance and no doubt enhance and essentuate your beauty.

Getting your hair care habits and regimen right.

The easiest way to form a ‘perfect haircare regimen’ is to realise that your regimen will constantly change accordingly to the needs of your hair and scalp. I’d suggest creating a series of ‘go to routines & styles’ for different occasions and scenario’s e.g.

  • ­  “In­between styles” (routine & style)
  • ­  “Bedtime” (routine & style)
  •   “Occasional” (routine & style)
  • ­  “Everyday/ casual” (routine & style)
  • ­  “Post­ wash” (routine & style)
  • ­  “Deep cleanse & Deep conditioning” (routine & style)

This method improves your experience of taking care of your hair as you will enjoy pampering yourself and see the results instantly.

Breakdown your regimen

This method is surprisingly simple. Your series of ‘go to routine and styles’ will only consist of one to three of the essential care components including:

1. ‘cleanse (gentle/ cowash) or clarify (deep cleanse)’

2. ‘condition & deep condition’

3. ‘moisturise and seal (using LOC method)’

4. ‘detangling and trimming’

5. ‘protection’ (heat protection, weather/ environment protection & styling)

6. ‘preparation styling’ (includes stretching)

7. ‘styling’

Sometime people find it can take them all day to do their hair which makes it feel more like a chore. There is a temptation to keep protective styles for the maximum amount of time possible. However, it is important to realise that when styles are left in for too long it can have a negative effect on the hair or scalp and instead cause trauma and damage especially when neglect is involved. It is extremely important to enjoy the process of caring for your hair as it really does make a difference to the condition of your hair and general wellbeing. Forming the habit of caring for your hair and scalp with the same frequency and fashion of taking care of your face and teeth prevents many of the issues people experience with their hair. I usually suggest breaking your care routine into stages or cycles. This can include visits to the salon or pamper parties but it will avoid that dreaded experience of the infamous ‘bad hair day’.

To create a series of ‘go to’s’: simply combine two or three of these essential care components above with simple appropriate style such as ‘bun’, ‘wash and go’ or ‘angel braids’ (depending on your hair type/ length and) according to the need of your hair and scalp.

The more experimentation and exercises you do, the quicker you will learn and understand your hair’s likes, loves and dislikes. This simplified healthy hair care regimen will allow you to always be prepared. Initially, this does require effort but you’re likely to come out with a renewed sense of self and a striking new look to match. Your confidence and sense of self will be in the clouds and your hair will continuously be healthy and beautiful.

If you are interested in having a personalised healthy hair care consultation with me then you may book it here: BOOK CONSULTATION or alternatively you may have an exclusive face to face consultation at with me or a partnering Salon.

Written By Klerissa McDonald

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