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The next generation one stop curl care shop

Curly By Nature is a black-owned and operated hybrid company; fusing….

1. Award-winning plant-powered hair care products

2. Beginners + professional curl care courses

3. Access to real curl experts

to SUPPORT and EMPOWER our curly community! ❤️

Well, we’re guilty for tooting our own trumpet for how proud we are about the quality and performance of our hair care products, services and education. The truth behind this is that we’ve spent copious amounts of time and money perfecting our craft, searching for the best materials and tweaking our techniques and processes so that the quality is unmatched! 

Our offerings are scientifically backed and professionally unrivalled. In addition, from scratch, every single Curly By Nature product is formulated, packaged and posted from our London HQ. That way we can guarantee excellence, every time…

Don't just take our word for it!


An experience like no other – my hair and scalp absolutely loves everything Curly By Nature🤗”

“…helped get my hair care knowledge on lock, now, my hair is longer, thicker and healthier! than ever before🤩” 


I trust this brand with my precious crown because they truly understand and love my hair as much as I do – that is rare🧖🏾‍♀️” 


“Getting my hair braided for the first time was so easy and pleasant and all of the products are amazing🥇”


“High quality, caring products that never let me down or my clients 🙌🏾”

More than just products

Yes, our products ARE awesome (high quality, innovative, sustainable, co-created with real curl customers… want us to go on?). But we do more than that. We simplify and clarify every aspect of curl care so you can love your curls with confidence. From personalised consultations where experts will transform how you care for your hair, to resources that teach you curl care at your own level and pace, we’ve got you.

BIG LOVE for curls

Enough is enough. Enough with the negativity. Enough with tools and practices that damage your hair. And enough with products that don’t live up to their promises.

We’re changing things up and celebrating curls with a next-generation blend of personalised advice, curl care courses and products that genuinely work.

Your curls deserve to be cherished, and now’s the time.

Curl committed

Our dream is to see good products, excellent education, a love of locs and a craziness for curls become standard right around the globe! To get there, we’re committed to driving forward the next generation of curl care worldwide.

We’re building a community and a new way of thinking about looking after naturally curly hair, and we’re only just getting started. There’s SO much more to come…

that teach you curl care at your own level and pace, we’ve got you.

Catch up on the latest...

From discovering the latest news, the best curl care techniques, hearing from empowered community members
to understanding the Curly By Nature philosophy…you’ll discover so much here…




We do everything we can to make our products kind to your hair, your skin and your scalp, but it’s really important that they’re kind to our planet, too. Our packaging is made from recycled PET plastic, which is fully recyclable after you’ve finished with it. So please, pass the goodness on by reusing or recycling your empties.

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